FACE TO FACE with our Enologist Alessandro

FACE TO FACE with our Enologist Alessandro

A short interview with our Enologist Alessandro Nannelli, curious explorer of wines’ many facets. He tells us about: Maremma Land, Tuscan wines and our Volpolo and Sapaio. 

Podere Sapaio and the Maremma: Differences and affinities between this land and its fruits

The main differences between this land and its fruits are the gentleness of grapes that are of French origin and Maremma’s toughness of (formerly, a swampland). This toughness gives at the same time expressivity to the wine, it gives it a complex and powerful structure, which balances the varietals’ elegance.

Tuscan wines suffer somewhat of a certain homogenisation… Why is Sapaio different?

Throughout the ’90s and up to the beginning of the 2000s Tuscan wines have suffered of a certain homogenisation, due to the US’s market demands. You used to find a lot of wood into them, which now has been reduced. Sapaio, compared to other wines, has had a balance integration of woods since the beginning. A more expressive and aromatic wine, more complex at the nose thanks to the different varietals.

Volpolo for whom, Sapaio for whom?

Volpolo I associate with women, a more delicate one that women like. Men appreciate Sapaio more. To me, they are both delicious.

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